Guruchhatra - a one of its kind digital platform that connects tutors and students, was founded with the core objective of creating an enabling environment for quality education. Today, parents and students are usually faced with challenges of finding the right tutors, who can provide quality education, are reliable, have a good teaching background, and suit their budget. Tutors too, have their set of challenges like finding students at their preferred locations, managing erratic schedules, timely assured payments, and many more. As a result, a huge gap exists.

As a unique digital platform - Guruchhatra connects tutors to students and parents as well as addresses the need gaps.

The core objective of Guruchhatra is to bring convenience and ease in the process of tutor selection for students and their parents; and in turn simplify the work life for thousands of tutors across the capital in the initial stages followed by a pan India expansion of the business model at a later date. To build a 21st century model of education and to attain this level of individualization, we have used advanced new age methodologies and latest technologies.

CEOs Message

It all starts from school education. Although schools in India are making considerable efforts in providing quality education, the teacher to student ratio in schools today does not allow teachers to devote quality time to every student. This demand for personalized attention that today's curriculums require is met by home tuitions. Today, almost every child has some form of tuition. Hence, it becomes even more important to equip tutors with the latest teaching methodologies and keep them updated with international approaches in contributing to better learning. I knew what I wanted to do. My quest for doing something innovative made me delve deeper, understand the challenges and create a platform that would revolutionize home schooling.